Current Board Members


Brian McLauchlan
Brian was approached by then treasurer Bruce Napier with the proposition that he stand for the treasurer’s role in 1977. There started a 21 year career as treasurer and then president. He happily entered into G&S retirement from 1999 blissfully unaware that a return would be made – to president in 2014.

Much has changed in Adelaide theatre since 1977 (and indeed 1999!) but Brian’s respect for the Society and love of the works of Gilbert & Sullivan has only grown in that time.

Vice President
Richard Trevaskis
Richard has been a member of the Society for 40 years. For the Society he has played more than 20 roles and directed over 30 productions.

He has been a Board member for almost 30 years, and Vice-President for the last 8 years.

Patrick Marlin
Patrick’s first appearance in the amateur theatre circle was in the G&S Society’s 2015 production of Guys and Dolls. Since then, Patrick has performed with the Adelaide Repertory Theatre, the Stirling Players, and as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Patrick holds a Diploma of Arts (Entertainment Management) that he obtained in Melbourne, and he is currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism (International Relations) at the University of South Australia. Patrick hopes to invest his expertise that he has gained through working with community groups and in the music industry, into retaining the soul of the Society whilst also bringing new life and ideas forward, to ensure a prosperous future


Board Member
Sue Franks
Sue has enjoyed theatre, musical theatre and the symphony for many years. Her interest in the Gilbert and Sullivan Society began as a result of a long standing friendship with the current President Brian McLauchlan and his wife Margaret and in 2015 Sue joined the Board as Minute Secretary and then Secretary.Her administrative background has been in education, where she was the manager of a unit for children with hearing impairment. She served on the school’s Governing Council as Minute Secretary and Secretary for a period of 10 years.
Board Member
Tim Blackshaw
Tim’s first foray into music theater was in the Gilbert and Sullivan Society’s production of The Mikado in 2010 as a chorus member (having last appeared ‘on stage’ in High School some 30 years before). The experience proved so enjoyable that he continues to be involved in theatrical productions around Adelaide, mostly with the Society but also in productions with The Met, Therry and Stirling Players.

Having gained so much enjoyment in theater and with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, as a board member his is keen to serve and promote the aims of the Society and the productions that are put on. Tim’s professional skills a Graphic Designer are used to develop all visual communication material as well as being the Society’s ‘webmaster’.

Board Member
Paula Pamment
Paula has always loved singing, beginning at a very young age. She has gained experience in her Church Choir, several Festival of Arts Combined Choirs and The Woodville Concert Choir. She joined the G&S Society in 1981 and enjoyed many years of performing two shows a year, and a short time as Social Co-ordinator, before taking on the role of Ticket Secretary in 2001– a role she has found very fulfilling and hopes to continue for some time to come.
Board Member
Kathy Cilento
Kathy has experience in financial administration, currently working at Sacred Heart College as part of the finance team. She was also a volunteer treasurer with the South Australian Catholic Primary School Sports Association (SACPSSA) from 2008 to 2016.

Kathy has been a longtime G&S appreciator, a love of the music instilled in by her father, and has finally found the space in the past few years to devote more time to music and theatre in general.

Board Member
Helen Snoswell
Helen has only recently joined the G&S Society, after helping out with costumes for The Sound of Music. Helen is a keen amateur sewer and enjoys working with the wide variety of casts, eras and styles of the Society’s productions.

Helen has taken on the role of Wardrobe Manager as part of her Board Member duties.

Board Member
Vanessa de Jong
Vanessa has been an active member of the G&S Society since 2007 when she played Rapunzel in Into the Woods, earning her more commonly known name of ‘Punzie’ amongst society members. From a very young age, Vanessa has actively pursued the theatre arts and has since become a very experienced singer and actress. Her accolades include touring with Co-Opera through Australia and Europe, presenting concerts with the ASO and playing a long list of lead roles with the G&S Society.

Vanessa also holds an Advanced Diploma of Design for makeup, specialising in film, TV, theatre and SFX and this has led Vanessa to gain much experience in costuming, makeup and props design for theatre. Vanessa also produces and directs musical theatre privately with her company ‘Little World Media’ and she also works with schools to bring their annual musicals to the stage. Vanessa is the Social Coordinator on the Board and she is excited to continue to bring enthusiasm and energy to the society.