Society AGM and new Board make-up.

On Wednesday 10 May  The G&S Society of SA held it’s Annual General Meeting for members, we would like to advise of the following changes made to our Board of Management.

Both Brian McLauchlan and Ric Trevaskis were unanimously re-elected as President and Vice President of the Society. Meanwhile, Sue Franks stood down from her position as Secretary and Patrick Marlin was elected as her replacement.

Helen Snoswell and Tim Blackshaw now begin the second year of their two-year term. Whilst we farewell Anne Doherty after having completed her term, we wish Anne all the very best and would like to thank her for dedicating countless hours to the Society’s operations over the past three years.

Rejoining the Board is Vanessa de Jong for a second two-year term, Sue Franks for a two-year term and two fresh faces, Rebecca Clafton for a two-year term, and Kathy Cilento for a one-year term.

As always, we would like to thank all those who were able to attend and we look forward to the year ahead and what it brings us!

G&S’s 2018 Season continues on with the themes of love, passion and jealousy in our September/October presentation of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Our second offering for 2018, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, is an altogether more sinister and visceral tale that explores the darker side of human nature. Love and obsession are pitted against each other in this brooding Lloyd Webber musical also set in an era of honour and decorum, that comes to a dramatic finale which, under David Sinclair’s talented Direction, will doubtless be a visually compelling spectacle!

A Little Night Music

This sublime Sondheim musical sets the universal human emotions of passion, longing and regret in an era that is both graceful and elegant although beset with stifling social customs. This moving production was well received by both critics and theater goes alike, who said of the production that ‘… the G&S Society of  SA has given us a high-quality night in the theatre’ and  ‘It is rare to see such an accomplished amateur production of such a challenging musical.’ 

Featuring one of Stephen Sondheim’s most memorable and moving musical numbers ‘Send in the Clowns’  and having contemporary themes, emotions and reactions  ‘A Little Night Music’ will long remain a production that the Society will have been very proud to have produced.