Get Involved

The Society is run by volunteers. Not only the all singing-all-dancing ones. Behind every production is team of motivated and capable volunteers that devotes many hours of their time supporting our performers.

Volunteering with the Society is a great way to make new friends and learn new skills, and become an important part of the mosaic that morphs into one of the Society’s acclaimed productions.

We need people who can volunteer their time helping with everything from sewing to safety.

Jobs vary enormously. Putting a production together requires people interested in costumes, makeup, props, lighting, audio, front of house, administration, marketing and publicity, set builders and painters, office skills, envelope stuffing, work health safety and so on. Not all of these jobs require specialist skills.

“Off production” we need house-keepers, record keepers, site/building maintenance and handy persons, props maintenance, stock controllers, archivists, fund raisers, publicists…the list goes on.

Commitments don’t always have to be regular. On demand calls at peak production periods may suit you. And you won’t be thrown in the deep end. You will work alongside our other committed, experienced volunteers.

Why not register your interests by emailing us: [email protected] and let us put you on our ‘little list’. Then we can include you as part of one of Adelaide’s longest lived, liveliest community based theatre groups.