Guys and Dolls - 2015

Music by Frank Loesser
Lyrics by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon

October 1 – October 10, 2015
Production Team
Director: Karen Sheldon
Musical Director: Martin Cheney
Choreographer: Kerry Hauber
Production Manager: Louise Gillan
Stage Manager: Peter Johns
Lighting Designer: Mark Oakley
Sound Designer: Darren Sheldon

It all begins with a bet. Nathan Detroit bets high-rolling gambler Sky Masterson that Sky cannot persuade Save-A-Soul Missionary Sister Sarah Brown to accompany him on a trip to Cuba. While the worldly Sky works his charms on a wary Sarah, Nathan is doing his best to stay outside the matrimonial clutches of his long-suffering fiancée, Miss Adelaide. Guys and Dolls is a fable about what happens to gambling men and the women who long to tame them. Set in the colourful world of New York City in the mid-20th century, the romantic and funny Guys and Dolls is populated with gangsters and gamblers, missionary dolls and scantily clad showgirls, and one of the great musical scores in the history of American musical theatre.

All photos taken by Thomas Wiedenmann of Timeless Weddings and Events Photography

By arrangement with HAL Leonard Australia Pty Ltd Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY)

Sky Masterson – Jason Bensen
Nathan Detroit – Brendan Cooney
Nicely Nicely Johnson – Nicholas Bishop
Benny Southstreet – Raymond Cullen
Rusty Charlie – Nathan Quadrio
Harry the Horse – Joel Amos
Big Jule – Robert Drusetta
Brandy Bottle Bates – Will Daniels
Angie the Ox – Henry Davis
Liver Lips Louie – Patrick Marlin
Society Max – Evan Wolfendale
Lt Brannigan – Tim Blackshaw
Miss Adelaide – Jeri Williams
Mimi – Lauren Noble
Diamond – Hayley Wolfendale
Crystal – Jessica Beattie
Sapphire – Emma Kavenagh
Jade – Roxie Giovannucci
Ruby – Mackenzie Price
Pearl – Sarah Cooper
Amber – Caitlin Palmer
Coral – Holly Fennell
Sister Sarah Brown – Sophia Bubner
Arvide Abernathy – Ian Brown
General Cartwright – Linda Ellis
Agatha – Wendy Rayner
Calvin – Bobby Goudie
Marjorie – Catherine Batty
Dorothy – Jasmine Watkins
Melvin – Christopher Stansfield
Jean – Natalie Lambert
Doris – Sarah Panigas
Award Nominations
Best Show - Musical - Adelaide Theatre Guide "Curtain Call" Awards 2015/16
Best Technical - James Nicholson, Karen Sheldon, Mark Oakley & Elisabeth Arnold, Set, Lighting & Costume Design - Adelaide Theatre Guide "Curtain Call" Awards 2015/16

AdvertiserReview by Theatre Association of SA 2/10/15

GUYS AND DOLLS - Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Reviewed by Janice Bailey

Octiber 2015

Guys and Dolls is indeed one of the classic musicals and for many lovers of musicals, their favourite. It has so much to offer with its lovable, larger than life characters and rousing Frank Loesser songs.  Audiences therefore come with high expectations.  G& S Society’s current production at the Arts Theatre from 1-10 October does not disappoint.
Director Karen Sheldon has assembled a stellar cast and each and every one of them has responded to her obvious clear vision.  Kerry Hauber’s  choreography is fresh and creative – the Crapshooters’ Dance a highlight of precision and a joy to watch.  The orchestra, under the direction  of Martin Cheney was superb. The creative team have clearly worked together extremely well  to bring this first-class production to the stage.   Set design by James Nicholson with Karen Sheldon is unobtrusive and the set changes seamless.  Elisabeth Arnold’s costume coordination provides professional quality which is authentic to the era.
There is not one weak link in the ensemble cast – the dream of any director.  The Gamblers are energetic and precise, the Hot Box Girls effervescent and delightful with the Mission cast suitably pious.  Jason Bensen as Sky Masterton delivers a polished, suave performance.  Jeri Williams has clearly been storing her energy during her 2 year hiatus and has allowed it to explode in an energetic and  thoroughly enjoyable performance as Miss Adelaide.  Brendan Cooney as Nathan Detroit and Sophia Bubner as Sister Sarah Brown deliver convincing performances. Special mention must be given to Nicholas Bishop’s hilarious portrayal of Nicely Nicely Johnson.
If you are a lover of musicals you need to see this one.