Oliver! - 2014

The Arts Theatre (Angas Street, Adelaide)
January 31 – February 8, 2014
Production Team
Director: David Lampard
Musical Director: Peter Johns
Choreographer: David Lampard
Assistant Director: Amanda Rowe
Production Manager: Louise Gillan
Stage Manager: Amanda Rowe
Production Designer: David Lampard
Lighting Designer: Daniel Barber
Sound Designer: Matt Curtis

You know the story. You know the characters. And, what’s more, you can probably hum most – if not all! – of the tunes. Oliver! is a true crowd pleasing musical that has thrilled audiences around the world – on both professional and amateur stages – since 1960. Like the work it is based on – Charles Dickens’ second novel Oliver Twist (or The Parish Boy’s Progress) – the musical mercilessly exposes and attacks the dark social underbelly of 1850s London.

This new production, helmed by the award-winning team of David Lampard (director and production designer) and Peter Johns (musical director), promises to be a spectacular event – musically, visually and emotionally.

Oliver! was revived in 1994 on the West End, with new music, lyrics and dialogue. Most significantly this production included expanded musical sequences for ‘Consider Yourself’ and ‘Who Will Buy?’. The 2013 G&S Society will be using this version – and will include these extended sequences, that take excellent advantage of a talented ensemble (both adults and children)! Embracing his critically acclaimed dark directing style, Lampard is promising a ‘Gothic Victorian Burlesque’ – with melodrama and ‘music hall’ ideas pervading many aspects of the design and flow of the production.

Additional Credits

Projection Designer - Mark Wickett

Nancy – Emma Bargery
Fagin – Rod Schultz
Bill Sikes – Paul Talbot
Widow Corney – Ros Lock
Mr Bumble – Nick Lock
Mr Brownlow – Tim Blackshaw
Mr Sowerberry – David Lampard
Mrs Sowerberry – Vanessa Shirley
Noah Claypole – Damien Quick
Charlotte – Petra Taylor
Mrs Bedwin – Renie Walker
Old Sally – Wendy Rayner
Grimwig – Andrew Crispe

Andrew Crispe, Damien Quick, Zak Vasilou, Fergus O’Reagan, Gavin Lloyd Jones, James Nicholson, Jason Guthridge, Thomas Wiedenmann, Vanessa Shirley, Karen Muller, Sarah Nagy, Lisa Simonetti, Kathy Lawton, Michelle Wickett, Alexandra Wiedenmann, Marj Quinn, Marie Taylor, Carly Meakin, Em Carter, Emma Haddy, Kimberley Jones