Trial By Jury - 1946

Tivoli Theatre
July 12 – July 12, 1946
Production Team
Director: Stanley Draper
Musical Director: (Conductor) Frederic Finlay
The Learned Judge – Frank McCabe
Counsel for the Plaintiff – Sydney Morrell
Defendant – Albert Williams
Usher – Ernest Harris
Foreman of the Jury – Lloyd Angel
Plaintiff – Dorothy Slee
Judge’s Associate – J.C.Gillespie
Inebriate Lady – Kathleen Wallace
Bridesmaids – Marjorie Mills, Hetty Mills, Ruth Angel, May Cottle, Nancy Hardy, Ivy Burford

L T Angel, Ruth Angel, Reg Austin, L C Bates, Betty Botten, C A Bottrill, Nance Bampton, Ivy Burford, R A Campbell, N Hardy, Vera Clarkson, May Cottle, I Carr, A Devonshire, Helen Dickson, M A Danford, Gwen Edwards, John Finlay, Mary Fisher, F C Ford, R M Fuller, Patricia Fisher, Joseph Geoghegan, Beatrice Gerry, J C Gillespie, Fed Gill-Evans, N C Gould, M Gardiner, H Hanrahan, Nancy Hardy, Ernest Harris, R Fuller, J Higgs, Dorothy Holt, D M Jeffs, M Albion Jones, Phyliss LeLievre, H Linnane, C Malin, Hetty Mills, Marjorie Mills, Pat McHugh, Queenie Mapley, Melba Matters, Frank McCabe, D McDonnell, Therese McGillick, David H G Miller, C J Mills, D Moxon, Sydney Morell, Pat Nuske, Olga Ortloff, l Phillips, Valerie Ramsay, Lorna Seaton, Mary Shaw, Shirley Scholefield, Wanda M Sibly, Dorothy Slee, S Stribley, W V Tillett, Nancy Trendall, Peggy Taylor, A S Williams, Dorothea Wright, Kath Wallace, R Whitmarsh